Buck moon spiritual meaning 2023

Buck moon spiritual meaning 2023

The full buck moon in July will bring about change in your life, whether you want it or not. But it’s all open to interpretation, just like with any full moon. If you choose to pay attention, each full moon has a history, a tale, and power over your life.

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However, the buck moon in July might be a little more convincing because it is a supermoon, which means that its orbit brings it nearer to Earth than any other full moon. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, this buck supermoon is the largest and brightest full moon of the year, and you might feel its effects particularly strongly.

The Buck Moon: Why Is It Called That?

Actual bucks, or male deer, are the source of the name for the full moon in July. The Old Farmer’s Almanac states that the July full moon is known as the “Buck Moon” because male deer (bucks) are in the process of fully developing their antlers at this time. Bucks shed and regrow their antlers each year, producing a larger and more impressive set as they age.

What Does the Buck Moon Mean Spiritually?

The sun and Mercury are both in Cancer and are opposite the full moon in Capricorn. This axis describes our daily routines at home, at work, with our families, and in nurturing environments and structures. The message of the Cancer energy is to recognize when it is appropriate to take it easy, savor the moment, and keep in mind what is truly important in life. Rest your body, mind, and soul.

What Do Zodiac Signs Mean By the Buck Moon?

  • Aquarius: The time has come for you to withdraw and concentrate on yourself, Aquarius, if you’ve been feeling the need to do so. This month, your top priority should be healing. This moon may bring up some endings or closure for you, so if you need to process things, give yourself permission to tune out from reality.
  • Pisces: This month, evaluate all of your relationships and let go of anything that doesn’t work for you or make you happy. Make sure everyone is on the same page and that you are willing to let go of anything that is no longer working by taking a close look at your associations and any organizations you may be a part of.
  • Aries: This moon will force you to consider whether you’re in the right job and whether it is actually serving your purpose. You may even feel more responsible for your work or like you have more of it. This might also entail realizing that your current position isn’t the best one for you and that you should make a change.
  • Taurus: This month, make a bold move and learn something new. There are numerous ways to explore the vast world that is right under your feet. Think about your travels, education, writing, teaching, or publishing career!
  • Gemini: You might have a tendency to only scratch the surface of things, but try doing the opposite this month. Choose an interest of yours, or something that keeps capturing your attention out of curiosity, and delve deeper into it.
  • Cancer: Take this month to focus all of your energy on your relationships. Is there a romantic or non-romantic relationship in your life that you feel could use some extra care or development? This full moon will help you build relationships and trust with the people you feel the safest around.
  • Leo: Although this is a month for you to give to others, it’s also important to remember to look after your own mind, body, and spirit. Your health and self-care will also be highlighted because you cannot assist others if you don’t have a set routine for yourself.
  • Virgo: The month may not be easy for you, but you can and will get through it. In terms of your inner child, this full moon may reopen an old wound from the past. The best way to work with that energy is to express yourself authentically and do something that brought you great joy when you were a child.
  • Libra: If you feel like you want to be alone this month, don’t be surprised. It may feel more like an introverted season for you during this full moon, so make sure you have a safe place to retreat to.
  • Scorpio: On the contrary, Scorpio is more outgoing during this month. Particularly during the buck moon, Scorpios will want to be surrounded by people. Somewhere, you’re going to feel the need for a connection.
  • Sagittarius: This full moon, slow down and focus on the present moment using all five senses to feel more a part of this universal energy. Lean into this month’s tendency toward introspection.
  • Capricorn: It stands to reason that this month will feel extra intense for Caps because the buck moon is in their sign. The moon will support you in feeling like your true self, and themes related to your identity and purpose will emerge.

What Time Is the Upcoming Full Moon?

On July 3, 2023, the next buck moon will occur.

Why does the Moon have a buck on it?

Because male deer (bucks) are in the midst of their antler growth cycle during the month of July, the full Moon is known as the Buck Moon.


Being a supermoon, which shines brighter and appears larger than other moons, makes the Buck moon unique. This Buck moon, the largest and brightest supermoon of 2023, is a full moon that is within 90% of its closest orbit to Earth.

The Algonquin tribes of North America gave the name “The Buck Moon” to a male deer whose antlers would reach their full size by July, making him ready to compete with other males during the breeding season in the autumn. The Raspberry Moon and the Thunder Moon are other names for this full Moon.

This unusual occurrence might be a sign for you to think about making some changes in your life. For everyone, change can be difficult.

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