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Crescent moon

The moon has always been a part of our individual and shared mythology because it transcends boundaries and is visible to everyone, regardless of where they live on the planet. It makes the night sky visible to us whether we are on land or at sea. Let’s find out more about the crescent moon’s significance and symbolism as well as its use in jewelry.

History of the symbol for the crescent moon

The crescent moon is a symbol of fertility and is connected to goddesses in many ancient traditions. Isis served as a symbol of both motherhood and the female creator god in ancient Egypt, and Hathor is related to maternal nurturing and love. Greek mythology was influenced by these two deities’ significance.

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Selene is the moon goddess in Greek mythology. She is said to have driven her chariot of white horses across the sky at night to provide evening light; her name likely derives from the Greek word selas, which means “light.” Selene, the moon goddess, was prayed to by women who wanted to get pregnant in order to help them conceive.

The thin crescent-shaped curve represented Diana, the hunt goddess,’ bow in Roman mythology. The moon is viewed in Chinese philosophy as the yin to the sun’s yang, demonstrating how the male sun and female moon can balance each other out perfectly despite being diametrically opposed.

Another moon goddess in Celtic mythology, Brigid is regarded as having the power to heal people of illness using herbs and is linked to poetry, wisdom, protection, and healing.

Jewelry’s crescent moon meaning

Due to its waxing and waning cycle, which represents both the period before something new begins (waxing) and the period after it ends (waning), the crescent moon has been regarded as a symbol of protection, transition, and new beginnings (waning). This cycle can also be viewed as a metaphor for how life progresses from darkness to light; it offers direction to those who have become lost on their way and serves as a reminder that there is always reason to try again.

Any manifestation of the moon is thought to be feminine; it is a symbol of power that represents the influence, kindness, and intuition that women have around the world. Because they are thought to represent love and fertility, crescent moons have been worn by lovers for centuries. In some cultures, single women wear them in the hope of discovering their soul mate, and married couples use them to symbolize their enduring union.

5 crescent moon necklaces and their celestial significance

We have always been fascinated by crescent moons and the meanings they hold in the cosmos. With its enigmatic energy and captivating beauty, the moon never fails to astound us. The moon has served as a significant symbol throughout history, and it continues to inspire us as we design new items for our collection of sun, moon, and stars.

All of these crescent moon necklaces were made with different stones that enhance their celestial meanings because the moon is a significant symbol of female empowerment. They were all created to inspire and empower you in different ways.

1. Necklace with the sun, moon, and stars in water opal crescent moon

You can be comforted and inspired by wearing this crescent moon necklace. A stone called a water opal represents and strengthens the power of love. It is said to strengthen the bond between your heart, mind, and spirit, supporting a healthy and solid relationship. It is known to be a very calming stone and represents unadulterated love.

2. Midi-crescent moon in moonstone necklace

Wearing a moonstone crescent moon necklace will support your energies and aid in healing. Moonstones have a close connection to the moon’s energy. They are known to strengthen your feminine energy and have calming, healing effects. It is referred to as the stone of new beginnings and is ideal for a woman seeking a calming presence to ground her as she begins a novel or exciting phase of her life.

3. Midi-crescent moon necklace in aquamarine

The tranquilly of the sea and the purity of the waters are evoked by this stunning aquamarine-studded crescent moon necklace. The purpose of aquamarine is to be soothing and calming. It can also purify you and encourage you to trust and let go. Simply looking at it every day is calming because of its lovely blue color.

4. Midi crescent moon necklace with fire opal

Literally, this fire open crescent moon necklace will ignite and arouse your passion and inner fervor. The fire opal represents happiness. This stone represents passion, creativity, and good fortune. It encourages you to trust your intuition when making decisions, giving you the confidence to follow your instincts, which is why it is such a motivating stone to wear every day.

5. Moon, sun, and stars necklace with a crescent of pearls

Wearing a crescent moon necklace with arguably the classiest and most stylish stone available won’t go wrong. Pearls represent wisdom, which is said to be acquired through experience over the course of one’s “life.” they are the pinnacle of purity, and as such, are revered as being calming. They give you the ability to live a balanced life.


Wearing a crescent moon can also bring good fortune and wealth, and in some cultures, it can serve as protection from evil. Crescent moon earrings, necklaces, and rings come in a variety of styles, and they can be worn for their luck-bringing, empowering, or protective properties.

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