How to connect spiritually with ancestors?

How to connect spiritually with ancestors?

Most wisdom teachings and religions hold that we are all made of energy and that when we die, our energy moves to another realm. According to the teachings, we have the ability to communicate with our loved ones in spirit. The time of year between the end of the summer and the start of the harvest season is very auspicious for each of these wisdom traditions. The “veil” separating this world from the place where the spirits currently reside is thought to be very thin at this fortunate time. People on Earth may feel, sense, or know that a loved one or ancestor is nearby when the veil is energetically more open.

The Halloween season is fortunate because of this. The Day of the Dead in Mexico and All Souls Day in the Catholic faith are two examples of well-known customs. Similar celebrations include the Buddhist Obon Festival, the Chuseok holiday in South Korea, the Gaijatra festival in Nepal, the Chinese Qingming festival, and the Pitru Paksha festival in India. Naturally, our own Halloween custom is also similar. Samhain, a Celtic custom that evolved into All Hallows’ Eve, was a part of the inspiration for Halloween. There are some recurring themes among all of these holidays.

Talk to the Dead without Fear

Decolonizing our mindset should be taken into account in order to start connecting with your ancestors. As people of color, fear has been ingrained in us since a very young age. There are many stigmas associated with working with or communicating with the dead.

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How? Work through the colonized religious and machismo-derived internalized narratives that exist within you. Speaking with the dead is a feminine energy practice. A state of intuition, openness, and stillness. Behaviours that were taught to be wrong and disregarded in order to support toxic masculinity and patriarchal control.

Popular Methods of Connecting with Our Ancestors

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, whether you are a first generation Latina or a fourth generation Latina, there is a common obstacle to overcome when starting to connect with the ancestors. Assimilation, then. Our immigrant families were forced to assimilate in order to survive, adhering to “American culture” in order to do so. That entails using less Spanish and more frequently engaging in American cultural customs, among other things. Access to our past is being lost in pieces.

It is not just a select group of people who can communicate with their loved ones and ancestors. Everyone has the potential to make contact with their family in spirit, and you probably already know of instances where this has happened. Think about your potential connections for a moment.

Five Ways to Stay in Touch with Our Ancestors

Being open to and aware of potential messages from the other side is crucial if one wants to sense the presence of a loved one. So how do you start communicating with the spiritual world?

1. Create a Sacred Ritual: According to many cultures, our ancestors appreciate receiving offerings. This entails presenting fruits, chocolate, tobacco, or other foods or beverages in some cultures. You might want to create an alter with their picture on it and candles you can light when you want to connect. You could also simply dedicate a candle to your ancestors that is only lit on their birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant days.

2. Start Talking to Them: Start talking to your loved ones as you light the ancestor candle or give them food or drink. You can converse with them or offer prayers to them. You must then be receptive to their messages to you.

3. Work with Your Ancestors on a Problem or Issue: It can be helpful to write down the situation and the query you are asking your ancestor or loved one before asking for advice or guidance. Ask your loved one for help while holding the piece of paper in your hand and reflecting on the situation. The recommended time for meditation and talking to a loved one is 10 to 15 minutes. Do these exercises every day until you get your direction. (Of course, you must be informed. Be mindful. And if you’re not sure if that was the intended message, speak with your loved one to get more details.)

4. Express Gratitude to Your Loved Ones: Be sure to thank your loved ones for their support and love each time you communicate with them, regardless of whether you receive something material from them.

5. Remember, they require your assistance as well! It’s critical to keep in mind that your loved ones and ancestors also depend on you for support. Sending them your light and love is a wonderful first step. You can ask them what assistance is required on their end as you start to communicate and comprehend the messages.


The dead won’t do you any harm. Establish firm boundaries with Spirit and your higher power so that you can only communicate with ancestors who are concerned about your well-being. Determine which protector guide you want to invoke in your altar space or in your prayers to watch over you in the afterlife to fend off low vibrational spirits. Archangels and animal spirit guides are two examples of this. You have the choice.

Living in fear makes us attract experiences and frequencies that have low vibrations. In the world of spirits, this is especially valid. Recognize that there is darkness, but remember that light is stronger. Set out loudly defined boundaries with the spirit world.

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