New moon spiritual meaning

New moon

Moon-curious? Everything you need to know about new moons and how to use them to your advantage while standing on solid ground is provided here.

How does new moon happen?

Once a month, the moon and sun align in the sky to form a new moon, beginning a new cycle of light. On Earth, the moon is invisible when it is new, but as it gets older, it gradually becomes visible as a very thin crescent of light. Although a new moon’s energy can be felt for about three days before and after the lunation, the moon is actually only new for a brief period of time when the sun and moon are in perfect alignment in the sky (and on the zodiac wheel!).

What is the new moon’s spiritual significance and meaning?

Setting intentions and starting new endeavors are best done during the new moon. You can think of new moons as a cosmic reset because they occur once a month and mark the start of a cycle. Setting intentions and goals that you’ll develop as the moon waxes to fullness is ideal during the new moon. Grounding and a sense of direction can be obtained by connecting to these lunar energies.

Following the new moon, the light intensifies as the moon gradually becomes more visible to earthlings. The waxing phase of the moon occurs between the new and full moons. As everything begins to illuminate, our goal at this time is to gather energy and information. The momentum of the waxing moon can be used to start a project, work toward a goal, or build momentum.

The next phase is the full moon, which marks the conclusion and harvest. When our new moon intentions reach their pinnacle, this is the climactic moment we have been working toward. Should we remain or leave? Do we benefit from our efforts or do we make a change? We can see everything clearly as the moon is fully visible to us from Earth.

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The waning moon phase then starts. We can start to let go of things that are no longer serving us as the moon sets and the light fades. Consider what you’ve created during the waxing stage and remove anything that doesn’t feel right. We can wrap up any loose ends and say goodbye to anything that isn’t contributing to our highest good as the moon fades from view.

According to astrology, new moons happen when the sun and moon are at exactly the same degree in the same sign. Full moons occur when they are at the same degree and in the opposite zodiac sign. Six months after each new moon, there will be a corresponding full moon. For instance, a Pisces new moon will occur in February or March, during Pisces season, and a Pisces full moon will appear in August or September, during Virgo season.

Every two weeks, between the new and full moons, you can set short-term objectives. Create intentions at a new moon that you’ll develop over a six-month period using lunar astrology for a longer game.

4 things to do during the new moon

1. Put your intentions in writing.

We are more likely to remember and take action on things when we write them down. Whatever it is that you want to manifest during this two-week cycle of light, write it down at a page-turning new moon. Read your writing aloud after giving it some thought. As the moon waxes, keep your list of intentions close by and check it and make any necessary revisions. As the moon grows, stay in tune with it and pursue your goals.

2. Select a positive statement.

Which energy are you hoping to bring into this new cycle? Clarifying your goals through affirmations is a great strategy. As the moon’s light increases, make a list of affirmations, read them aloud, and go over them again. Affirmations focus entirely on who you want to be and embody, while intentions set the tone for what you want to do. Affirmations for the new moon can be “I am confident,” “I bring peace and love into this new cycle of light,” and “I share my light,” as examples.

3. Bathe in a new moon refresher.

Given that the moon is so closely associated with the water element, water-based rituals are always a fantastic way to work with lunar energy. While listening to your favourite music, unwind and reset in the tub. Set a soothing mood for your bath by lighting candles and adding essential oils to your diffuser. As you immerse and create space for a new beginning, your mind, body, and spirit will be cleansed, released, and refreshed.

4. Make a sacred area.

An effective way to welcome the energy of the new moon into your life is by making sacred, intentional space. The energy we want often flows into our lives more readily when we create a physical environment. Set any items, intentions, lists, or pictures that serve as reminders of what you are calling in with the new moon on a surface (dresser, table, etc.). Revisit this sacred space as the moon waxes. Candles, aromatherapy, essential oils, crystals, and grounding into the energy of the area can all be used there as a meditation station each morning. During a new moon circle ceremony, you can also invite others into your sacred space.

How NOT to spend the new moon

1. Spend time around doubters.

Set the mood energetically for the upcoming weeks using the new moon. It’s time to refocus, start over, and look ahead. You should try to limit your time with anyone during the new moon if you have any friendships or relationships that regularly drain you of your energy. Spend time with people who make you feel alive and energized.

2. Get caught up in the past.

A new moon is exactly that—new! Keep your focus on the present, look forward to the future with hope, and avoid getting caught up in regrets about the past.

3. Say no to fresh opportunities, acquaintances, or encounters.

Any new acquaintances, adventures, or opportunities that the universe places in your path during the new moon deserve special attention. The new moon is a time to build, create, and spark new projects, whereas the full moon is a time to release anything that isn’t serving us.

How to change up your new moon ritual all year long

A new moon always occurs in the same zodiac sign. We can use this knowledge to establish a connection with the cosmos because each sign carries a unique set of energies and themes. To get you started on your lunar journey, here are some keywords related to each sign.

  • Aries: Fire, beginnings, individuality, identity, and self.
  • Taurus: Mother Earth, creativity, the outdoors, self-acceptance, and stability.
  • Gemini: Communication, air, knowledge, and social interaction.
  • Water, the womb, Mother, the moon, and solace for cancer.
  • Leo: Fire, fame, creativity, the sun, and supremacy.
  • Virgo: Earth, goddess, harvest, separating what is required from what is not.
  • Scorpio: The past, the underworld, and deep waters.
  • Sagittarius: Wildness, fire, exploration, and adventure.
  • Capricorn: Saturn, Earth, hard work, structure, and integrity.
  • Aquarius: Air, fresh perspectives, a revolution, outsiders.
  • Libra: Justice, fairness, harmony, air, and ideas.
  • Pisces: Dreams, the ocean, the collective unconscious, and the mystical.


Those who are more knowledgeable about astrology can check their own natal chart to see where the upcoming new moon will fall for them. It will be all about setting intentions in your career and public life, which are 10th-house topics, if the upcoming new moon in Aries falls in your 10th house, for instance. You can use this cosmic information to help direct the areas of focus and intention-setting for the upcoming few weeks.

The new moon is a cosmic reset and the universe’s gift to us each month. Use this energy to start new things in your life and to set the tone for the following cycle. Make a decision about the energy you want to call in and avoid unneeded stress. Allow the new moon to inspire you!

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