5 Spiritual meaning of Strawberry moon 2023

Strawberry moon

The names for the full moons in each month come from a variety of cultures, including Native American, European, and Colonial American ones. These names typically refer to the moon for the entire month and have both symbolic and spiritual significance.

The Lakota, Ojibwa, and Algonquin peoples gave the name “Strawberry Moon” to the full moon in June, and it is believed to have come from them. The Berries Ripen Moon is the Haida name for this month’s moon. This obviously refers to the fact that a lot of berries start to ripen in June. Not only are things blooming and ripening now, but also new animals are being born. The summer solstice (on June 21) and the transition into a new season also fall within this month. Because June is the month’s name and Juno is the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth, European cultures have given this moon the names Honey Moon and Mead Moon. June is also a popular month for weddings and honeymoons.

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All of these names allude to this season’s exceptional fertility. It is a celebration of development and ties to the physical body, food, and earthly pleasures.

The spiritual significance of the strawberry moon and rising energy

During this time of year, we experience a similar shift in our spiritual energy. The sun and the fresh food we consume may be causing us to feel more energized. The increasing summer energy is strong for moving forward with our plans, making things happen, and expanding our creative endeavors, interpersonal connections, and self-love routines.

Additionally, this month is a time to be mindful of your body. Summertime is a very embodied season when we can be outside and observe plants and animals while also feeling the sun and wind on our skin. It is best to concentrate more on the spiritual world in terms of the past, present, and ancestors’ knowledge during the fall and winter when people are more introspective and reflective. A time to see spirit in the physical world, in the here and now, in pleasure, and in the body is during the summer. It’s time to enjoy the spiritual practice of connecting to the body.

This month is a good time to check in with you energetically or spiritually on the following issues:

  • Are my intentions clear to myself?
  • Do my actions match up with my intentions?
  • Since the spring equinox in March, what have I been constructing in my life?
  • Feeling a part of my own ripening?

What Does The Strawberry Moon Mean Spiritually? 5 Meanings

The “Strawberry Moon” is a common moniker for any full moon that occurs in June, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. This mouthwatering nickname refers to the time of year in North America when strawberries ripen, allowing for the final harvest and enjoyment of this juicy berry.

1) Achieve your dreams

This lunar folklore fits in perfectly with the full moon’s spiritual significance because, according to astrology, it denotes a time to achieve our mid-year goals and take pleasure in the results of our labor. According to Almanac, the full moon in June has also been referred to historically as the Honey Moon, Blooming Moon, and Rose Moon. These names all refer to the ambrosial sweetness of the late spring and early summer air.

2) Celebrate your growth

The June 2023 full moon is a time to savor the magic of our accomplishments and let our excitement about the future fully ripens, just like its succulent-sounding epithets. It challenges us to acknowledge our development as we get ready for the forthcoming new experiences (and seasons).

3) Zodiac placement

When delving into the full moon’s spiritual significance, it’s crucial to take into account its zodiacal placement. One of the most lofty and upbeat energies in the zodiac, Sagittarius, the fire sign, happens to be rising for this one. This Sagittarius-ruled lunation encourages us to look beyond our immediate surroundings and begin pursuing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, which is in contrast to the current Gemini season vibe, which is all about paying attention to the details and immersing ourselves in the present moment.

4) Broaden your horizon

It’s time to broaden our horizons, change our own paradigms, and aim high. Be optimistic when making goals now, and don’t just focus on the easy ones. Keep your wits about you, though, as a challenging lunar aspect to elusive Neptune could make it challenging to see things clearly. Thankfully, even though our heads, hearts, and spirits are twinkling among the stars, a gentle sextile aspect with responsible Saturn will assist in keeping our feet on the ground.

5) Summer Romance

Even though the full moon won’t be closely aligned with Venus or Mars, the energy of the Strawberry Moon may still inspire some summertime romance. In harmony with unpredictable Uranus at the time of the full moon, balanced Venus may cause our romantic lives to take unexpected turns or our values to abruptly change. In the meantime, Mars’ fiery aspect to Chiron’s wounded-healer comet makes us sensitive to potential emotional dangers and touchy about past wrongs. Be mindful of your increased propensity to react defensively, but keep an open mind to exciting changes that could upend our interpersonal relationships and spur new relationships.


It’s wonderful if you sense that you are in tune with these energies. If not, there are a few things you can do to get into the mood of the Moon of the Ripening Berries. To take advantage of the Strawberry Moon’s sweet and mystical meaning.

Develop pleasure. What could give your body the basic pleasure it seeks?  See the positive. What can you be happy about? Small details do matter.

Consume the berries. To bring these energies into your body, eat the foods that are in season locally in your area. Feel the flowers’ scent. Step outside and give yourself some space to enjoy the beauty of nature, the sun, and the scent of the flowers.

Use your body to meditate.

In June, we should take time to enjoy the outdoors, our bodies, and the fruits of our labor. The spiritual message of this month’s Strawberry Moon encourages you to appreciate the fruits of your labor and let go of the things that are no longer useful.

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