What do the right and left side of the body mean spiritually?

One quickly discovers when studying energy healing that most people’s right sides correspond to their male and female halves, respectively. How does our emotional state fit into all of this and what does it mean?

There are, of course, exceptions. Nobody should be the other way around for any reason. For the majority of people, it proceeds as follows.

What does “body spirituality” mean?

Connection to what is commonly referred to as God, the universe, the divine, or the higher self, as well as to everything, including the planet and oneself. These provide both the living and the dead with defense, union, support, assistance, and direction. It connects us to all that is. This trait is either unknown to or not even recognized by many people. It is more about the notion that no situation or person exists in isolation, that there is no single point of blame, that we are all connected.

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What we traditionally believe about religion or spirits has very little bearing on this. It is also the ring that is most removed from our aura or energetic field.

What spiritual significance do both sides of the body have?

If you feel a stronger connection to one gender than the other, you will notice that one side has more physical problems than the other. You frequently discover that the side is gender-related when you address the mental patterns that underlie physical problems.

 You start seeing men on one side and women on the other when your internal limiting patterns are broken. Depending on the person’s gender, chakra cords “link” on their side. It also includes physical components in the same way.

If you have a stronger connection to one gender than the other, you will notice that one side of your body is heavier, thicker, and less energized than the other.

Spiritual meaning of left and right side of the body

Either a male in our life or the male side of us are represented by the right side. As an illustration, it might be a father, brother, male teacher, colleague, current or former partner, or someone similar in our lives. When it comes to the male side of us, he is the one who provides, earns, protects, and is strong. I refer to that side of us as “the slayer of the dragon.”

Either a female in our life or the female side of us are represented by the left side. So, in terms of the people in our lives, it could be a mother, sister, female teacher, colleague, current or former partner, or any other female who had or does have a negative impact on our lives. This is the pleaser, the caregiver, and the nurturer in us as women. I usually refer to that side as “the nurturer” or “the caregiver.”

Illustration of spiritual meaning of both sides

I’ll use one of my Reiki healings as an example. My left leg was extremely stiff for days prior to that healing because of overtraining in the gym. I had followed all the proper procedures to release the muscle tension, but it was still extremely painful and tight. In order to get some sleep at night, I had to resort to taking anti-inflammatories. That seems excessive to me. My back, shoulder, and even the entire right arm felt extremely tight, and my entire right side was becoming stiffer. At some point during the healing, everything started to abruptly change.

My body realigned, and I noticed that my left side was becoming just as strong as my right, which was noticeably more relaxed. At the conclusion of the healing, both sides felt both energized and at ease. As that was happening, I had an epiphany and a “Aha Moment,” realizing that I had been so preoccupied with finding unexpected ways to support my family and myself in two different countries that I had neglected to take care of my loved ones in the process. This led to a physical imbalance in me on every level. That healing helped me in many ways, including physically, emotionally, and energetically. The next day, I felt fantastic.


So, if you frequently feel that one side of you is off balance, it might be worthwhile to look into the male-female duality in us to determine whether there is an imbalance. You can restore the balance by visiting a Reiki practitioner or any other competent energy healer. Or maybe all it took to feel more balanced was realizing what went wrong and solving it on your own.

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