What does déjà vu mean spiritually 7 spiritual meaning

does déjà vu mean spiritually 7 spiritual meaning

Many of us experience moments of déjà vu, that strange sensation of having gone through something before. Deja vu, which is French for “already seen,” is something that 97% of people have experienced.

Although some people think déjà vu is connected to the spiritual realm, neurological experts contend that it is the brain’s method of testing memory. What does déjà vu symbolise spiritually, then?

What does the spiritual meaning of déjà vu?

Categories of déjà vu

  • When you go somewhere, you remember having been there before.
  • When you first meet someone, you click with them right away.
  • When something is so familiar, you are aware that you have experienced it before.
  • Simultaneous reading or hearing of a word.

The aforementioned instances of déjà vu are all common ones, but does déjà vu have a spiritual significance?

Déjà Vu: 7 Spiritual Meanings

1. Insight from the soul

The spiritual perspective holds that our souls, which remain after we pass away and are reincarnated into new bodies, are what make us who we are. We might inhabit a variety of human forms throughout our many lifetimes. The culmination of our spiritual journey has finally come.

Every lifetime offers the chance for development, atonement for past transgressions, and advancement to the next spiritual level. The spiritual journey that lies before us is already visible to our souls. They are aware of potential pitfalls and the best course of action.

There are left-over cues that direct us or make us pause and take stock. These indicate déjà vu.

2. Proof of a previous existence

Many people encounter déjà vu when they visit a new place. They strongly suspect they’ve been there before, but how is that possible? This is not a sentiment of comfort or familiarity. They can recall precise information. One possibility is that they have visited this location previously, albeit in a different life.

Children have a strong sense of past lives and can vividly recall details from earlier incarnations. Their soul understands the importance of their current location. The importance of their current location is understood by their soul. According to the theory of past lives, déjà vu is your soul reminding you that this life is merely a journey towards a higher level of spirituality.

3. The twin soul’s message to you

Science and spirituality have always been intertwined in my mind. Consider quantum entanglement: Despite their physical distances, the two particles are connected. This is what Einstein described as “spooky action at a distance,” and he didn’t think it was real. It’s true that entanglement can describe other things, such as twin souls, which is remarkable.

The concept of twin souls is present in many religions, but it originated with the Ancient Greeks. Humans were given two heads, four legs, and four arms by the gods. However, they soon began to worry that these creatures were too strong, so they divided people in half.

For the rest of their lives, each half searches for the other to complete them. You have a sense of déjà vu as this is happening, as if you have met this person before.

4. A letter from your protector angel

It is thought that while the spirit world cannot physically enter our world, it can leave behind hints and clues. They nudge our subconscious to accomplish this. Have you noticed any patterns or repeated numbers, for instance? According to legend, these are angelic numbers and a message from your guardian angel.

Using this reasoning, déjà vu represents a message from the other side. You are being gently prodded and steered down a specific road. Déjà vu here has a spiritual meaning of protection and guidance.

5. Relationship to the cosmos

Some spiritualists think déjà vu serves as our connection to the cosmos.

Have you ever stood outside and felt a strong connection while gazing at the stars? Most of us visualise the universe as being filled with galaxies. But according to Einstein, the gravitational waves in the cosmos required a medium. This is the thread that binds everything together in space, including us.

The universe is speaking to us when we feel a small mental tug that causes us to pause. It forces us to take stock of our surroundings and focus on them.

6. Proof of the general unconscious

When he spoke of the collective unconscious, Carl Jung. Inherited characteristics of humans include past knowledge and racial experience. The cloud is a useful metaphor for this phenomenon in modern times. We keep files and images in the cloud and can access them whenever we need to.

Similar to this, the collective unconscious is a constantly growing repository of unspoken human experiences. Although there are indications of it, we are unaware that it even exists. For instance, first love, near-death experiences, mother-child relationships, and déjà vu.

7. The voice of your divine self

Whether we are aware of it or not, each of us has a divine self. Hindus hold that the divine self is on a different level from the soul. You can be aware of yours or out of touch with it. But occasionally, our divine self needs to step in or call our attention to a situation in our lives.

Déjà vu could be a way for the divine self to communicate with us. These might show:

  • Keep going; you’re on the right track.
  • The time has come to get better and move on.
  • You keep making the same errors, which are currently impeding your progress.
  • You are standing exactly where you should.
  • Use the knowledge that you have gone through this before in a previous life to advance your journey.


The overarching spiritual message of déjà vu is to ask you to evaluate your current situation. You are being protected by a higher power, but they are unable to speak to you normally. So they use déjà vu to send out hints and prompts.

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