What is teenage spirituality?

teenage spirituality

Would you consider me crazy if I said that the majority of teenagers are likely spiritual? I’m not referring to enlightenment or teenage yogis; instead, I’m referring to a very different kind of spirituality.

Teenagers don’t use the prettiest words, so the two words in my title, “Teenage and Spirituality,” are more frequently found apart from one another. Usually, in order to find flavor in spirituality, one must be elderly, retired, or facing a serious problem for which spirituality is the last place to turn for assistance. Although it may be the prevalent belief, this isn’t always the case. Spirituality is embraced by people of all types, ages, and even those with no problems. Simply, because you find spirituality.

Understanding broader meaning of teenage spirituality

The young adults define spirituality in their own unique ways, even though the world believes that it is finding peace within or communicating with a higher self. They appear to live by the peace mantra of pop music and its funky beats. They travel through the grooves and rhythm in search of happiness and their personal haven. Elegant songs can help bring about some of meditation’s benefits by calming agitated thoughts, lifting spirits, and spreading peace. For the teenager, finding joy is the ultimate goal, and music is the way to get there.

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However, it would be incorrect to assume that music always fulfills the role of the hero; songs with depressing lyrics and gloomy tones can make people feel lonely and depressed. If one were to look through a depressed teen’s playlist, they might discover songs with painful lyrics that keep them in the same frame of mind for longer periods of time. Consequently, music is a two-edged sword.

Letting go of anger, anxiety, and depression is a part of spirituality. Yoga and other similar exercises are taught by the masters or gurus to help people overcome such emotions. The teen spirit, on the other hand, doesn’t turn to gurus for advice but instead follows the alluring scent of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs like weed to get away from those emotions. They see no escape once they are hooked onto them. Only a lucky few manage to overcome addiction, and the majority develops lifelong bad habits.

Even those who are happy and free from negative emotions are drawn into the addiction trap. Some teenagers assert that when cocaine rushes to their brains, true spirituality is attained, despite the ridicule that many people give to the idea that getting drunk is the highest form you could be in.

What makes spirituality crucial during adolescence?

However, a teen’s psychological development depends on both religious and non-religious spirituality. A teen’s spiritual development can give them a solid foundation for understanding the connection between themselves, their mental health, and their overall wellbeing.

Does spirituality develop as we get older?

Additionally, research has shown that as people get older, their spirituality tends to grow. Interestingly, despite the fact that modern society has become significantly more secular than it was fifty years ago, this trend of increased spiritual development and religious activity among older people still exists.

What does psychology have to say about spirituality?

Higher levels of spirituality or religiosity are also strongly linked to both a greater sense of life’s purpose as well as higher levels of psychological and emotional well-being, according to studies.

What impact does spirituality have on personality?

You might experience a greater sense of meaning, hope, and purpose. You might feel more self-assured, self-esteemed, and in control. It can assist you in making sense of your life’s experiences. When you’re sick, it can give you a sense of inner strength and hasten your recovery.

Does spirituality help with anxiety?

You can learn to quiet your mind and concentrate on the here and now so that you can let go of the negative thoughts that are causing your anxiety through spiritual practices like prayer or meditation. You’ll have a sense of direction. Discovering what matters most in your life can be made easier by developing your spirituality.


Religious practices and beliefs are frequently associated with spirituality, but it is possible to be spiritual without being particularly religious. According to a Pew Research Center study, a rising proportion of American youth identify as “spiritual, but not religious” (Lipka & Gecewicz, 2017). In a different study, 62% of teens who self-identified as religiously unaffiliated said they believed in God or a higher power (Pew Research Center, 2020). Spirituality focuses on inspiration, introspection, and interpersonal connections, whereas religion focuses on the doctrines and rituals of a particular religion or creed.

According to most definitions, spirituality is a connection to something bigger than oneself that arouses respect and admiration (Lerner, et al., 2008). This could be a link to a spiritual or religious figure like a deity. It can also be a connection to people, things, or ideas that makes you feel humble and in awe of the world. The pursuit of a connection to what is sacred and meaningful in life is referred to as spirituality in either situation. Both spirituality and religion are possible, as well as neither. However, researchers are starting to learn about the advantages of spirituality, particularly for teenagers (Lerner, et al., 2008; Smith & Faris 2002).


According to me, teenage spirituality is a phenomenon where teenagers use drugs and alcohol to find happiness and avoid suffering, sort of like replicating the wonders of spirituality in a more fun-but-risky-way. I once overheard a group of teenagers singing “twinkle twinkle little star, point me to the nearest bar,” and I realized that spirituality had indeed taken on a new significance in their eyes. While the majority of people in the world consider prayer to be spirituality, the younger generation is actively forgetting this.

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