What is the law of vibration: How to use it

Your perspective and approach to life may change if you are aware of the 12 universal laws. While the law of attraction is the most well-known, you should also pay attention to the other laws, such as the law of vibration.

Here is the essence of this natural law and how spiritual authorities suggest utilizing it for your benefit.

The universe’s 12 laws

The twelve universal laws are regarded as the enduring, immutable rules of our universe. Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian meditation for liberation, is frequently associated with these laws. The hermetic philosophy of ancient Egypt has also been connected to some of the laws, though. These laws have been passed down through the generations and are now practised globally. They are still widely used today to assist people in creating the lives they want and having a deeper understanding of reality.

Explanation of the law of vibration

According to the second universal law, which is the law of vibration, every atom, thing, and living thing is constantly in motion and vibrating at a particular frequency.

According to Shannon Kaiser, a spiritual author, the only difference between any two objects is the rate of vibration. The frequency of something is the rate or speed at which it vibrates. Vibrational energy is comparable to this frequency. Tanya Carroll Richardson, author of Self-Care for Empaths and a trained intuitive, explains that energy is something you sense, feel, and react to—it is not something you can see or touch. It is the energy of a person, a physical space, or a group of people.

This law’s central tenet is that each of us vibrates at a particular frequency and that, if we find ourselves in an experience or situation that is low vibrational, we can learn to raise it. The more you become aware of your own energy, the more you realize how much your vibes influence every aspect of your life, says Kaiser.

How to benefit from the law of vibration in 3 ways

1. To manifest

We must first match the vibration of the thing we want in order to manifest it. You can only draw energy to yourself that is compatible with your own. Only vibrations that are compatible with your vibration will be drawn to you.

Imagine that despite your desire to manifest more wealth, you are preoccupied with your need for more money. Keep in mind that your thoughts also have vibrational energy. For example, the thought “I need more money” actually holds a vibration of lack and may lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy. We have the ability to direct our own thoughts to change the frequency of our being.

2. To handle situations

According to Richardson, you can always ascertain how you feel in a specific situation or scenario by applying this universal law. Once you learn what feels high vibrational to you, such as attitudes, environments, and people that feel energizing, healthy, and exciting, it becomes simpler to detect when you are in the presence of high vibrations.

3. To control emotions

Of course, emotions also contain vibrational frequencies, and using this law to your advantage will help you manage them. Emotions can range from very low frequency (such as fear, shame, etc.) To very high frequency, according to Kaiser, who also adds that emotions are powerful guides to help us shift into a higher, more balanced state of being (joy and love).

There are no negative emotions, she says; everything is energy that wants to move forward. Energy that wants to move through and be released is what causes us to feel anxious or stressed. In order to let go of these emotions and maintain a higher frequency, the law of vibration enables us to recognize when we are experiencing dense, heavy emotions.

5 Ways to raise your vibration

1. Take care of yourself.

To raise your vibration and present yourself in the world in a more confident and strong way, Richardson advises regularly engaging in self-care.

The great thing about self-care is that it can take many different forms for different people. When you take care of yourself, your vibration will show it. Examples include having a weekly ritual of taking a bath, making time to go outside, or journaling.

2. Give your body food.

Both Kaiser and Richardson advise feeding your body with a high-vibrational diet and exercise regimen.

You’ve probably noticed that after a particularly filling meal those heavy, unhealthy foods can definitely make us feel less energetic. Healthy, whole foods, on the other hand, can help you feel generically light and unburdened.

Similar to how not enough exercise can make us feel inactive, a good workout can make us feel energized.

3. Figure out what makes you feel good and do it.

Focusing on daily activities that give you a sense of well-being and balance is one of the best ways to lay a strong foundation for being in alignment and raising your vibration, according to Kaiser.

Everyone will experience this differently, but she advises always attempting to concentrate on “joy, love, and peace because these vibrations help you feel healthier and happier.”

4. Practice meditation.

One of the main factors influencing our energetic frequency or vibration is emotions. We can increase our capacity to control our emotions, let go of things, and raise our vibration by beginning or deepening a meditation practice. There are many different meditation practices to try, so do your research and find one that suits you.

5. Remove low vibrational individuals, locations, and things.

Don’t undervalue the impact the outside world has on your vibration, either. The more you practise the law of vibration, the easier it will be for you to maintain your own vibration despite outside influences. But those who are highly sensitive or new to this line of work might find it difficult.

Of course, you can’t completely avoid encountering low vibrational situations in your life. Avoiding people, places, and things that sap your energy, however, can help safeguard the high frequency you’ve been cultivating when you have the capacity to do so.

Comparing the laws of attraction and vibration

How does this law differ from the law of attraction, you may be wondering? Given that they are comparable and can even cooperate, it is a good question.

The law of vibration is the first law that must take place before the law of attraction, according to Kaiser; once you intentionally create that vibration within yourself, the law of vibration is invoked, and only then can the law of attraction take place.

The law of attraction takes this concept a step further by allowing you to “create [the frequency] within yourself by any means, like visualization, meditation, or affirmations,” according to the author. The law of vibration is about matching the precise frequency of what you’re looking for.

Ultimately, in order to attract and vibrate at the same level as what we want, we do need to use these two laws whenever we are manifesting. What you align with vibrationally is easier to attract.


Everything is energy, according to the law of vibration, and we can align ourselves with the energy of anything we want to manifest. This law, along with the other 11 universal laws, can open the door to a life that is more harmonious and prosperous.

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